Sophia's West Virginia

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Sophia's West Virginia

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New River Gorge Bridge, built in1977 is the highest vehicular bridge in American and 2nd in the world. It has become a symbol of West Virginia

Fast Facts*State animal: Black bear*State fish: Book trout*State colors: Old gold and blue.*State tree: Sugar maple*State bird: Cardinal*State gem: Fossil coral*State butterfly: Monarch*Famous people born in W.V. : Mary Lou Retton Chuck YeagerWest Virginia is surrounded by: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky.

W. V called the Mountain state for a reason!Major land forms:Appalachian Mountains, Allegheny Mountains, Applachian Plateu, and New River Gorge.

West Virgina became the 35th State in 1863. It was one of two states formed during the cvil war. It's capital city is Charleston, and has a population of 1,855,00. Major rivers are Ohio, Kanawha, Potomac. and Monongahela.


West Virginia's State Flag

Mary Lou Retton,Gold Medal Winner,Gymnastics1984

First Golden Delicious Applewas grown inWest Virginia



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