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Sophia Brahe

Sophia Brahe is considered to be on of the first female Scandinavian researcher and writer. She not only helped her brother come up with theory of planetry orbits. but she is most famous for her over 900 page manuscript about 60 Nobles families genetics. Women in this time period weren't considered to be men's equals, so her getting an education and becoming a geneticist, while studing chemistry and astromomy as a passion is a great accomplisment. I think is important because of the fact that she ones one of the few women to start the change for women have an education.


Before Sophia startered her work in the 60 Noble's families, they might not have known where they were from, there families history. People in that time period have little way of knowing there families past and their ancestors.

Historical Event

In 1609 Kepler published 2 books on planetary motion. This may have effected Sophia because Kepler stole Tycho's (her brother) work on how the planets orbit the sun. She had assisted Tycho in discovering the planets orbits.


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Sophia Brahe

Her importance

Before ' After Her work

After she publised her over 900 page manuscript on the genealogies of 60 Noble familes the families would know ther background. And with this knowledge of how to find families genetics, more and more people could then know their history.


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