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Sophia Brahe Glogster

Date Of Birth:Sophia Brahe was born August 24th, 1556 in Knudstrup, Denmark and died in 1643. Historical Event:The same year Sophia was born on March 28th , one historical event that occuired was that Karel V's son the second was crowned king of Spain.

Sophia's Childhood

Since Sophias family were high up in nobility, they were mostly insterested in power, money and honor. Tycho Brahe was Sophias brother. Tychos ucle wanted Tycho to become an academic training as a lawyer. But Sophia and Tycho had different interests.Both Tycho and Sophia had a huge passion for astronomy, wich lead them to great things. When Sophia was 17 she started assisting her brother(Tycho Brahe) with his astronomical observations in 1573, wich became the basis of modern planetary orbit predictions.

Sophia's Work in support of her brother

We will probably never know how much Sophia Brahe really did to support her brother. But we do know that she had a passion for astronomy. We also know that she did support her brother and his beliefs and findings in astronomy. Before Sophias time people beleived the sun and all the planets revolved around the earth. (Copernicus came along later with the telescope to prove that the planets revolved around the sun ). Tycho with his sister's support combined these two beliefs. Even though it was not completely correct it was not totally wrong either, and it was more correct then any other work up to that time. His work was important becasue it started people thinking that the sun rather than the earth might be the center of the universe. His work, along with Sophia's support, was important because it started people questioning earlier beliefs. Tycho and his sister were noncomformists. I think it is important to know about people with opinions and findings that were different then what was thaught before. This is one of the ways our world progresses by questioning. Tycho Brahes contributions to Astronomy were huge. He didn't only design and build instruments but he also callibrated them and checked their accuracy to see if they were valid. Tycho Brahe believed Copernicus's theory about the sun being the center of the solar system,and this theory started people questioning the church. Brahe didn't only contrubute to astronomy but he would take his beliefs to the next level of knowledge.


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Sophia Brahe


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