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Sonny Rollins

Sonny RollinsBy Julianna Merendino

Full Name: Theodore Walter RollinsDOB: September 7th, 1930Birthplace: NYC, NYAge: 85

He was in a quintet at one point, but decided to start a solo career. He became famous in this quintet when he recorded popular songs with them in 1954.

Rise to Fame

He began as a pianist, then played an alto sax, then finally changed to tenor saxophone. He made his first recordings with a band when he was 18, but made his own solo recordings when he was 31.

He recieved a grammy in 2004 for lifetime achivementMinnesota officially named October 31st after himHe recived nine various other awards


Beginning his Career

Basic Info

Rollins was arrested for armed robbery in 1950. Also, in 1952 he was arrested for heroin.

Troubled Past

World Book OnlineGale Student Resoucres


Jazz and Hard Bop

What kind ofJazz did he play?

Interesting Fact

He made a guest televison appearance on The Simpsons

Where is he now?

He recently went on tour with other Jazz artists.


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