Sonny Comunale's Digital Footprint 2025

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Sonny Comunale's Digital Footprint 2025

Although I love footbal, if I was unable to coach or play it, then I would continue the career of teaching, which is practically in my genes. Both of my parent and some of my Grandparent, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins are teachers, so I will have a lot of help if I decide to take that path. As a teacher, I would teacher no grade lower than 6th grade because I cannot put up with children.

Sonny Comunale grew up in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. As a child, he played football, baseball, and basketball. When he reched the high school level, he played football in the Fall and baseball in the Spring. Sonny was also a good student in class. He finished high school with a 4.0 and received a combined athletic and academic scholorship to go to Ohio State. In his four years at Ohio State, he set the record for the most receptions by any Wide Receiver through the course of four years.

If I cannot persue my dream of playing Professional Football, then I would really like to coach football. I love the sport, and if I am not able to play it, then it would be wonderful to be able to coach football at the collegic or professional level.

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