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Sonia Nieto

“I would say that these are hard times for new teachers; in fact, they’re hard times for even the most experienced and committed teachers. This is particularly the case for those teachers who plan to work, or already work, in high-poverty schools with students of diverse backgrounds, although it is increasingly true for even better resourced schools. I say this because there’s an incredibly hostile attitude towards teachers in our nation, a level of disrespect that I have not seen in all my years in the profession. Teachers today are blamed for everything from student misbehavior to failing test scores, and they’re often treated as little more than test-givers. I should mention that the most vulnerable students are also the scapegoats of this backlash” Diversity Recruitment Partners in Education. (2014, April 1). Retrieved April 2, 2015.

Overall, I had a great Theorist to analyze in Dr. Sonia Nieto. I know everyone is different and I cannot change what I have no control over. I believe and agree with Dr. Nieto’s methods to help stop some of the cancer of inequality and racism for many diverse students from spreading, which in turn will help some students eradicate unsocial justice. All in all, knowing alone is not enough to completely eliminate the issue. In short, the continuation of making others aware, being proactive, and with a lot of hope, we can help many diverse students across this nation gain the respect of their race and as a person that all of us desperately deserve.

The fight for unsocial justice!

Sonia Nieto

“I think we need to rethink professional development and change the culture of teacher preparation. We need to shift it from a focus on what and how to questions of why.... This means teaching prospective teachers and practicing teachers more about the students who they teach. They need to know who their students are, and often they don't know about them. We need to be serious about recruiting a more diverse teaching force, because the more diverse the teaching force, the more voices get heard in these conversations” Sonia Nieto Explores What Sustains Teachers. (2008, April 1). Retrieved April 3, 2015.

Sonia Nieto was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Nieto began her education career as an English, Spanish, and ESL teacher. Today, Dr. Nieto continues to speak around the country and write on multicultural education and other culturally and linguistically diverse student populations. As a Puerto Rican and a minority, Dr. Nieto claims the importance of changing the way schools and professional development for educators are conducted.

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1965-B.S .- St. John's University: Elementary Education 1966- M.S.- New York University- Madrid, Spain- Spanish and Hispanic Literature 1975- Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst-Multicultural Education


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