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The capital of Songhai is Gao. The language spoken there is Songhai.

Songhai became the leading kingdom of the west Africa Savanna during the 1400s. Like the rulers of Ghana and Mali, Songhai's leaders controlled trade routes and the sources of salt and gold. Songhai's wealth and power grew when it conquered the rich trading city of Tombouctou in 1468.

The Rise and Fall

In less than 100 years, however, the kingdom of Songhai began to lose power. In the late 1500s, the people of Songhai became weaker. And it easily fell to the guns and cannons of an army from Morocco, in North Africa. The era of the rich and powerful trading empires of West Africa was at an end.


The climate in Songhai from November to Febuary is cold and dry. From May to October it is hot and dry. The main religion in Songhai is Musliem.

Flag of Songhai

One of the mosques in Songhai. The main religion in Songhai is musliem.


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