Song Comparison

by ellabellaxx
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Song Comparison

Song Comparison

What Makes You Beautiful

Let It Be

Clothing: Coloured jeans, Polo tops, Converse/vans shoes, Button-up tops. Hair: All different hair styles but all flick hair to one side.

Clothing: Collarless jackets, Suits, Grey jackets with black collars.Hair: Normal square shaped haircuts that all look the same.

VocalsElectric guitarCowbellElectric drum setBassSynthesizersSquare wave soundsClapping

VocalsPianoSix-string electric bassOrganGuitarDrumsMaracas



Structure:Verse 1ChorusVerse 2ChorusVerse 3Chorus

Structure:Verse 1BridgeChorusVerse 2BridgeChorusMIddle eightChorus

By Ella Morrison 9B

This song has a fast beat and is an upbeat song. In the chorus it is quite thick because there are a lot of instruments playing. The pitch of their voices stays mainly the same throughout the whole song apart from in the middle eight where the pitch goes high at the end of it. The chorus is louder than the rest of the song. This song's structure and instruments are very different to 'Let It Be'. It was written by some other people instead of the singers actually writing it themselves.

This song has a slower beat than 'What Makes You Beautiful'. The lyrics in this song have more meaning than modern pop songs. The start of the song is quite thin because there is only the piano playing, but after the first chorus, the other instruments join in. They use many different pitches while they are singing and harmonize. The structure is different and also this song was actually written by the singers themselves, instead of getting people to write it for them.



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