Someone who is stressed out

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Someone who is stressed out

Writing down your thoughts can help you organize yourself and clear your thoughts. It also makes you smarter and it helps you think big.

Managing your time is one of the most impirtant things It helps you accompish more, creates discipline and it helps you have a higher quality work.

Sleep and exercise

Stressed out

Talking to someone can help a lot. Talk to someone who you truly trust, either a friend or a family member, they can help in many ways. Talking to someone can make you feel better and it leads you to new solutions to your problems.

Manage your time


Having a positiveattitude is really important. It blocks out everything negative around you, boosts your confidence up, it awakens your mind and you provide yourself with happiness.

Positive Attitude

Never say something like "people have it worse" or "snap out of it" Understand the person´s feelings. Saying this may make them feel worse then they already do. Comparing their problems with other people doesn´t work.

Free time

Offer them some free time, people need time to think about everything. We need time to clear our head and to take care of our health.

Sometimes sleeping and exercising may help you. It relaxes you and helps you forget the cause of your stress.

How to help

Talk to someone

When we´re stressed out we usually forget to smile, laugh and have a sense of humor.Smiling is healing and health, we need to bring back what makes us feel good and relieved.


someone who is


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