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GET RID OF ANNE ROY MOORE!!!!!!!In april my superintend nearly destroyed Huntsville AL. My mom got really ticked and I almost had to move to where I would never get to see any of my friends at school. I was so frightened at the thought that when I told my friends they flipped out. Read the next column for the whole story.

In april the schoolboard of h-ville shut down a school that will not be named. This school had been failing to excel their students for the past ten years. Anne Roy Moore screamed"RACIST"(Most of the teachers at thatg school are black) at the top of her lungs. So she pulled those awful teachers out of that school and plopped them into my school. She was randomly handing pink slips to teachers with tenyer. And one teacher I know almost got fired. Thankfully she kept her job. Sadly Another teacher got fired.

Now you know that we must get rid of Anne Roy Moore. I am currently writing a memoir aboout this event. It's called "GET RID OF LEIGH ANNE RAY MORE" the reason I used a different name for her os because I could get in trouble if I used her actual name. I am still working on my memoir.

I am also writing another memoir called " Stupid Things My Stupid Brothers Have Stupidly Done Out Of Stupidity." great book. should win something. Worlds stupidest title? Hmmm maybe. Probaly not. -___-


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