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Conversion Disorder- Change or loss of physical functions in major parts of the body for which there is no medical explanation.

"Its all in your head"


The main problems in treating somatoform disorders is figuring out whether the symptoms are being faked by the patient, and whether there may be an acutal medical explanation for the affliction. Because the symptoms aren't readily visible a person attempting to treat someone suffering from somatoform disorders must either believe their claim or attempt to find other reasons for their sickness.

Somatization refers to an expression of psychological problems through physical symptoms.Whenever the psychological disorder causes actual physical symptoms with no explanation.

There are no reliable statistics about Somatoform Disorders, who suffers from them, or how many cases go undiagnosed.

Hypochandriasis Disorder- A persons unrealistic preoccupation with normal thougths and physical symptoms as indicators of serious illnesses.

Societies that place importances on communal values such as Chinese and African societies somatoform disorders are treated as both a psychological conditon and a physical ailment.

Western Cultures which treat the mind and body as seperate forms of illness are the least likely to discover and thus diagnose somatoform disorders.

The lack of concern for the physical symptoms of Conversion disorders makes it nearly impossible to know how many who suffer simply refuse to find help.

Those who suffer from Hypochandriasis overly exxagerate the extent of symptoms and overthink every possible conclusion and are often misleading in their descriptions.

There are six forms of smoatoform but there are only two major ones.

Due to a lack of coverage and scientifically provable evidence, those who suffer from somatoform are categorized as overly whiny patients and actual infirmities are ignored.Such as in the case of Meredith Coleman who underwent 2 major operations due to a somatoform disorder which she suffered even afterwards.

Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology By Michele T. Martin, John M. Neale


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