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somaly mam


Somaly Mam

Sex Trafficking


Sex trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery in which commercial sex is brought upon by force, fraud, or coercion, or if someone doing this is under 18 years old. Sex trafficking is a serious violation of Federal Law.

Somaly Mam was born in the Mondulkiri province of Cambodia and her birthday is unknown (Between 1970 and 1971). Her family struggled through poverty and she was sold many times by her grandfather as a slave and for prostitution. She was forced to work with many other young girls in a place where men,whom treated them horrifically through torture,manipulation, and scare tactics, would pay her for sex services. One night her best friend was murdered by her pimp. This made Somaly realize how dangerous the world was and she made it her mission to prevent others from following her steps. Because of what happened in her past, it contributed to her effort in helping young children and women being forced into human trafficking.In 1993, an aid worker from France found Somaly Mam and helped her escape Cambodia. Since then, she has devoted her life into helping victims of sex trafficking, (such as forming the organization AFESIP).

"Sometimes you can learn, even from a bad experience. By coping you become stronger. The pain does not go away, but it becomes manageable."

Somaly's Contributions: - established a Cambodian non-governmental organization called AFESIP (Agir Pour les Femmes en Situation Precaire) in 1996- Created The Somaly Mam Foundation in 2007 which funds anti-trafficking organizations- Wrote a book about her experience- Visits places all over America and the world to talk about her experience as a sex slaveImpact:- the voices of victims and survivors of sex trafficking are heard- her organization has saved over 5000 girls - her organization has over 150 social workers in Cambodia and its neighboring countriesWhat you can do:- Donate to her organization AFESIP- Volunteer at an event- Form a club at school- Join the cause on the site Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center if you have any information about sex trafficking going on in your community(1-888-3737-888)- Spread the word!

Injustice: Sex TraffickingSex trafficking (and Human Trafficking in general) was formed as an easy way for people to take advantage of the poor or people with limited oppurtunities by forcing or tricking them to do sexual services for money.How are people lured?:• A promise of a good job in another country• A false marriage proposal turned into a bondage situation• Being sold into the sex trade by parents, husbands, boyfriends• Being kidnapped by traffickers(Sex Trafficking Fact Sheet)How are victims "controlled"?:- through physical abuse (rape,gang bang)- drug and alcohol addiction- starvation and confinement- threats of violenceBad Guys: Pimps ( men who handle the daily affairs of controlling the women)Some Organized Networks disguised as strip clubs, bars, or even gangs.Who is effected?: Majority are young children and women but even men are victims.Family of victims.Why hasn't it been solved?: Sex trafficking is a major problem all over the world. There are too many "recruiters" and pimps to eliminate all of them. Not only that, but it's hard to tell which organized networks are involved. Therefore, organizations such as the Somaly Mam Foundation and AFESIP are created.

"I strongly believe that love is the answer and that it can mend even the deepest unseen wounds. Love can heal, love can console, love can strengthen, and yes, love can make change."

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