Solving Equations

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Algebra I

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Solving Equations

Solving Equations



Adding and Subtracting

For adding and subtracting start by addingor subtracting the opposite for example:a+2=7 you doa+2-2=7-2The 2-2 would cancel outand you would be left with a=7-2 which 7-2 equals 5so the answer would be a=5.Now lets try a subtracting equation:x-1=3First add the opposite and the opposite of -1 is +1.x-1+1=3+1The -1+1 cancels out and you are left with x=3+1now solve the equation3+1=4 so the answer is x=4.In adding and subtracting the sign changes so if the number was -1 it would change to +1.

For multiplication and division you multiply or divide the opposite for example:9n=81you would divide both sides of the equal sign by 9.9/9n=81/9The 9/9 would cancel out and you would be left with n=81/9 and 81/9=9 so the answer is n=9.For dividing you would multiply both sides for example:y/16=3 so you would multiply 16 on both sides of the equal sign y/16(16)=3(16) 16(16) cancels out and you are left with y=3(16)which equals y=48In multipling and dividing the sign stays the same so if the number is negative it stays negative.

Multiplication and Division

You start a two step equation by getting rid of the adding or subtracting part of the equation for example:5a-8=42Start by adding the opposite and switch -8 to +85a-8+8=42+8.The -8+8 would cancel out, you would do 42+8=50.Now you would be left with 5a=50 and all you do is the same thing you would do with a one step multiplication equation. You would do 5/5a=50/5and the 5/5 cancels and you do 50/5 which equals 10. In conclusion a=10.A two step equation is the same thing as two one step equations put together, but you have to do the adding and subtracting part first.


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