Solomon Island

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Social Studies

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Solomon Island

Solomon IslandBy: Faith Sexton

Trade and Barriers to Trade

Theme 2.Region

Theme 5.Movement

What I LikedWhat i liked was the neat and cool animals that live in the sea. You can see many things in the sea like many different kinds of fish and many more other kinds of animals too.What I leared What i learned was what they wear for there clothing and many more things that interested me.

The Five ThemesThe first theme is location, for the natural world and the human world you have exact and relative, this is for the natural world and the human world. The exact is 800 s and 15900 e. The hemispheres are the southern hemisphere. The compass rose is southern and the continent is is oceania. The oceans are the south pacfic ocean, they have no borders but they do have nieghbors and they are the santa cruz island is the closet. The second theme is Region. The second theme includes for the human and the natural world Physical region, the climate region, the vegetation region, the weather patterens, the influnces, the languages, the religion, and the culture. The physical region is there history and the climate region is hot and humid. The vegetation is many forest types and the weather patterens are mostly hot and a little humid not to much, but some days it can be very hot and humid. The influences are the national culture. The languages are mostly English. The Religion is Christian, and the south sea's. The third theme is the lanforms, and the fetures. The mountains are the solomon island mountains and the plains are the solomon islands plain. the hills are the solomon islands and the parks are the solomon islands national park. The forests are the the solomon island rainforest. The rivers are the solomon river and the lakes are there lakes are the Java lake and the costlines are the the java coastline. The capital is the Honiara, the population is 550,000. The fourth theme is the interaction and the natural resoures are the iron and iron ore. The foods are fish and the clothing is dreses. The manufactering is cloths. The fith theme is movement and the highways are the slomon islands highway. The airports are the solomon islands airports. The seaports are the solomon seaport and the Java seaport and the exports and imports are iron ore, ion and marble.

Relative and exact location

Theme 1.Location

Physical, cilmate, and vegation

Theme 4.Interaction

Theme 3.Place




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