[2015] Bradley Starkey (9th ELA): Solider Boys

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[2015] Bradley Starkey (9th ELA): Solider Boys

"Solider Boys"

CHARACTER ANALYSIS--Spencer Morgan is a yung American boy that live in utah. he drops out of high school to go into airborn. he has a family his older brother goes in to the navy after the Perl Harbor gets bomb. Spencer is a good kid he likes football and likes this one girl name Luann.

Summary: Spencer goes to boot camp for airborn training. Meet his best friend name Ted. Diter is in Hitler youth and is fighting for nazi. Torns the end Diter and Spence meet. But nazi killed Spence when he was talking to Diter.

Character Analysis--Dieter: Diter is a gremany boy that has a mom and goes to school. He lives a normal young boys life. Then he joins Hilter youth group. Whinch a young Nazi army. Everbody tells him to drop out but if he does he would get shot and killed. His mom told him that he should come and live a normal life,play football,go to school,and have a girl friend.

My Reactions: This is the best book that i have read in a while. I like the book because i like war and i can related to he book. Like when Spence is talking to his dad about war. My dad and I talk about war all the time.

Add map of Europe during World War II

"Don't give up. Keep pushing!"

Setting:The story is split between the United States (Utah and various military bases--Georgia) and Germany during World War II.


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