Solenopsis invicta

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Environmental Studies

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Solenopsis invicta

Red Imported Fire Ant: Solenopsis invicta buren

-generally 0.2 inches or 5mm-each nest had 25,000 ants-may be 50-200 nests on an acre of land-ants have a powerful jaw to bite/latch onto whatever disturbes the nest-has stinger on the tip of the abodomen to sting victim repeatedly-nest has open craters for ventilation-talk through sounds produced by rubbing or drumming on body part against another-adult workers are known for aggressive behavior when comes to under the threat of attack by neighboring colonies-young fire ants whose stingers an external skeletons aren't fully developed play dead


-color: red to brown-monds 18-36 inches in diameter-minor workers:30-60 days-media workers:60-90 days-major workers:90-180 days-queen:2-6 years-evading electrical equipment


-Came for South America by accident to Southern and Southwestern America-Came on a ship-went to Mobile, Alabama-covering 12 states-cost U.S. 5 million dollars anually-can be used a predator towards Sugarcan Borers, Rice Stink Bugs, Striped Earwing , Cotton leafworms, Soybean Looper, Hornflies and other pests that harm crops-spent 250 million already


-in the 1980's scientist made an insecticide that contains soybean-can be used to control the population-many attempts using many different pesticides-also used gas to burn the ants and nest or kill the ants with the strong toxic vapor-used specilized crustalline pestcides-spread on/around the nest and destroy from within-more recetn was the "phorid" fly-mirex is an organic compoundused as an insecticide against ants



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