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Social Studies
World War II

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Soldier X

Soldier XBy Don WulffsonMichael Sesher - Kusniez Pd. 8

I liked the book Soldier X by Don Wulffson because it used imagery and details to show the horror of the war. It also used Erik's point of view and thoughts to show why he didn't want to be a soldier and how his drastic choices changed his life forever. These things made the book very interesting to read.

"...Among them were many widows and widowers, and many cripples-other men and women like me," (Wulffson 225)

This picture works with the theme that war is a tragedy, as shown by the hundreds of bones.

This is a map of a German offensive strategy that caused the Russian hospital to be evacuated then attacked.

This is a picture of Russian-American Immigrants that represent the two main characters coming to America.

The picture above shows young Nazi soldiers that could represent Erik and his friends before Erik makes a life changing decision to become a "Russian Soldier"

Russian Tank that represents the life changing event for Erik that would be the full Russian attack.

This picture is of a paraplegic who is like Nikolai in the Russian hosptial who helped Erik survive in the hospital.

The picture to the left is a Russian WW2 nurse who would be like Tamara from the novel Soldier X.


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