Soldier X

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Social Studies
World War II

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Soldier X

Soldier X

Schools and other buildings were converted into make-shift medical centers to care for all the wounded men coming from the front lines.Erik found himself behind enemy lines. This was also his first exposure to the Russian army that he had to blend into.

American GI'sAmerican soldiers over took Berlin duringthe final days of the war, after they madetheir way through Europe starting with the invasion of Normandy.American GI's also shot off Erik's arm by mistake during the Allied Occupation of Berlin

Россия (Russia)The fighting in World War II on the eastern front of Russia was a huge tragedy for the Nazi cause.The fighting in Russia was where Erik was wounded, seperated from his army, and was stuck behind enemy lines

ImpactI think that this book was an accurate exposition of how young soldiers were thrown into war without much guidance or hope to return. It was striking how terrifying an experience it was for Erik. This bookreally showed the traumatic experience the soldiers had then

All the men are dead, now they are sending us boys

"Artillery, Tanks, Infantry"

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