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Soldier X

The date is March 21, 1944: a very big day for Erik Brandt as it is his sixteenth birthday and also the day he is sent into Russia to fight for the German army. Having had no more preparation but minimal infantry training, he quakes with fear as he heads towards his uncertain yet seemingly bleak future. Though he has regularly been told that he is fighting for his country, Erik can't help but question Nazi politics and the entire concept of war. His struggle, however, quite rapidly shifts from political uncertainty to pure survival due to one frantic decision he makes: to switch cloths with a dead Russian soldier to receive the medical attention he needs. From that point on, Erik transforms into a completely different person as he must confront his new physical impairments, secret identity, and tender feelings for those across enemy lines.

The power of the indpendent thinker > Erik and TamaraTolerence/acceptance of all people > Jews > RussiansThe detriments and negative effects of War > dehumanizing/ numbing > civilians terrorized

Nazi Army - Hitler Youth/Hitlerjugend, Waffen SSRussian Army - Sons of the Regiment

"In peacetime, for killing someone, we're hung, but for killing during wartime, at the bidding of the same government, they hang medals on us." "There is something dark and tangled in all of us - in all our souls; certainly, this is true of me. I understand it, but still I am ashamed of it. When Hals had died at Tarnapol, I had cried - but not just for him. I cried for myself, for my loss, and because I was ashamed: Deep down, I was glad it was he who had died and not I." "'You were good. You were so good with the patients. You cared, or seemed to.'

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To get a better grasp on the kind of society that Erik lived in, watch this video to find out more about the Hitler Youth and how that impacted Germany.

SOLDIER XBy: Don WulffsonPresentation by:Isabella Scappaticci

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