Soldier boys

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Soldier boys

Soldier Boys

Genre: Historical Fiction

SummarySoldier Boys, a novel, written by Dean Hughes. The story is set during World War II and reveals the story of two boys, one American, the other German, who join their countries armies and fight at the Battle of the Bulge to show their folks that they can do it. Both boys are determined, and have many things in common, both have strong beliefs as well as concerned parents.

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Why I chose this book,I chose this book becuase at the time we were learning about WWII and i wanted to learn more about it

setting:Europe WWIIbattle of the buldge

Problem/Conflict:Man vs Man: the boys are fighting against eachother.Man vs Self: they dont want to fight but they want to at the same time, they are questioning if it was a good idea. Man vs Nature: they have to face the winter during the war

Dean was 35 when his first book was published. He has written and published over ninety books. Much of his writing is targeted to children and young adults

Themedont rush into things becuase you might not know what you're getting into.

Author: Dean Hughes


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