Soldier Boys

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Soldier Boys

In the story, both Deiter and Spencer slept in foxholes. They would be expected to dig their own along with one other person helping you. Each foxhole would usually give 2 people a place to sleep. Deiter and Schaefer dug their own hole together, while Spencer and his friend, Ted, dug their own to sleep in. After Ted died, Spencer and Sergeant Papas shared a hole. Every night, they would have to dig a new hole due to so much moving around.

German soldiers, like Deiter were indocrinated, or brainwashed that Hitler was doing the right thing. They were a part of a national club called "Hitler Youth." Deiter went through "Hitler Youth" his whole life and by the time he was 16, he was a leader in the group. They are taught that Jews are bad and they are the ones killing people. It was not until Schaefer had a serious talk with Deiter, that he, too, believed it. Schaefer didn't know that it was Hitler that was "burning their bodies" until he heard it from a friend. Before, this Deiter was taught, and truely believed, that Jews were trying to hurt Hitler and the Germans.

Deiter's good friend from "Hitler Youth", Willi Hoffman, ran away from the camps one day. He ran to his uncle's house, who lived nearby. Willi was caught and rought back to the camps for "special treatment." The lieutenant gathered everyone at the camps around to watch him shoot Willi. Most of the kids knew Willi so it was even worse for them. What I learned from this is that the Germans were very tough on the solders and expected them to follow every order. There were very harsh consequences for a mistake.

"Soldier Boys" WWII Facts

Watch this video to see how powerful Hitler was to the Hitler Youth.

This is a song that represents both Spencer and Deiter, but mostly Spencer. During the story, Spencer constantly thinks and remembers how it was at home. He always thinks about how his dad and siblings feel about him. This song is titled "We'll meet again" and it is about soldiers leaving and then going home to their families.


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