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SoldBy: Patrica Mccormick

Lakshmi is a 13 year old girl who lives in a small hut on a mountain in Nepal. Life isn't always easy for Lakshmi because of her poor status, but it is enough. She finds joy in the simple pleasures of life whether it be playing with her goat or dancing in the rain.But all this comes to an end after the Himalayan moonsoons wash away all her family's crops and they are left penniless. As a means to make ends meet her stepfather sells her into prositution. Lakshmi leaves for Delhi with the false belieft that she will be working as a maid to support her family. However upon arrival the truth comes crashing down and Lakshmi is sucked into a world of sex, slavery and abuse. The horrors that await Laksmi not only test her courage, but also her prservance as her life becomes a question of survival. Can she reclaim her life and rise above this or will she scumb under pressure?



Some important themes in Sold include-Gender roles and power distributionPreserverance and hopeFriendship and compassionThe true value of literature and education.


Laksmi- A young Nepalian girl unknowingly sold into prostitution. Sold documents her journey through this terrible world.Ama- Lakshmi's mother whose identity is based on her social role as a caretaker. She works hard, sacrifices her own happiness for her family and treats her husband well.Stepfather- He is Ama's second husband after Lakshmi's father passed away. He has only one functional arm and uses that as an excuse to get out of working. He often spends his days drinking and gambling away what little money Ama earns.Shahanna- She is Lakshmi's first friend at the brothel and speaks the same language since she is from Nepal as well. She also serves as both Lakshmi's advisor and confidante in hopes of protecting her. Anita- She is another one of Lakshmi's friends who also hails from Nepal. She once tried to escape "Happiness House," but she was caught and beaten to the point where her face became permanently disfigured.Monica- She gets the most customers at the brothels because she is very bold and as a result has access to certain priviliges that the other girls are extemt from like going to the movies. On the outside Monica is seen as rude and angry, but on the inside she possesses a deep kindness many overlook.Pushpa- The woman Lakshmi shares a room with. She came to "Happiness House" after her husband died so she could provide for her children, but her coughing sickness often prevents her from working.Mumtaz- the owner of "Happiness House" who rules the place with cruelty,deception and violence. Harish/ David Beckham Boy-Pushpa's 8 year old son who is one of Lakshmi's closest friends who teaches her how to read.

The story starts in Nepal, but after Lakshmi is sold into human trackiffing it shifts to Delhi,India at the prostition residence known as "Happiness House."

Sold hooked me before I even finished the first chapter. It is a quick read and every chapter leaves you wanting more. I love books that have many twists and turns and Sold is not only a page turner, but also builds its climax till the very end. If that isn't enough to get you interested keep in mind that Sold doesn't just tell a story it recreates a personal experience up and close. It shows you another side of humanity that many of us didn't think existed. But most of all this book exposes the horrors associated with human trackiffing that are just as unimaginable as they are real and pulls at all your heartstrings.




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