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Solar System

Zero Gravity

April 12, 1961- Yuri A. Gagarin, First Human in SpaceFebruary 20, 1962- John H. Glen, First American in OrbitJanuary 27, 1967- First American Space Tragedy, 3 men killed in a fire involving Apollo 1April 13, 1970- Apollo 13 is launched June 7, 1971- First Occupation of a Space StationMay 14, 1973- First American Space Station LaunchedApril 12, 1981 - First Space Shuttle Launch June 18, 1983- First American Woman Sally K. Ride in SpaceApril 25, 1990- Hubble Space Telescope DeployedFebruary 1, 2003- Loss of Space Shuttle Columbia, breaks up on reentry high over Texas

Zero gravity is the feeling of weightlessness that the human body experiences in space. This feeling can do many things to the body, for example, the muscles in the body including the heart shrink in zero gravity. The flow of blood is also compromised and the immune system weakens. When astronauts return from space they have to get used to the feeling of no longer being weightless. In space astronauts get used to speaking with a weightless tongue but when they return they have to get used to speaking our way. Health effects also include muscle mass shrinkage, bone density lessening, and vision problems. Astronauts have to go through months of rehabilitation after spending time in the zero gravity of space.


The Solar System: In Depth

President Kennedy's Famous Speech on the Space Race

Galactic Vocabulary

Solar System- the nine planets other celestial beings such as comets and asteroids that orbit the SunSun- the star at the center of the Solar System in which all the planets orbit Atmosphere- the envelope of gases that surround a planet including our own EarthEarth's Magnetic Field- area that extends from the Earth's interior until it meets solar wind, which is the stream of particles that emanate from the Sun Ozone- colorless, unstable toxic with a pungent odor and powerful oxidizing propertiesMagnetosphere- the region surrounding a planet where the behaviour of charged particles is controlled by the planet's magnetic field Water- the colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid that makes up the rivers, lakes, and oceans of this Earth as well as the base fluid of all living organismsAstronaut- person trained for spaceflightZero gravity- the condition the body is in free fall or in orbit


Sally K Ride



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