Solar system

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Solar system

Solar System

- Mercury is the smallest and closest to the Sun of the eight planets in the Solar System - it has almost no atmosphere to retain heat - Mercury moves in an orbit around the Sun that lies within Earth's orbit

- Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system - Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty - Venus rotates counter-clockwise

- Earth is the third planet from the Sun - has only one natural satellite, the Moon - the only planet not named after a god

- Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun - makes one trip around the Sun every 164.8 Earth years - has 14 moons

-Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun - Named after the Roman god of war - described as the “Red Planet” due to its reddish appearance

- Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun - turns on its axis once every 10 hours and 34 minutes - has 150 moons and smaller moonlets

- Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun - It’s not visible to the naked eye - Uranus is the Coldest Planet

- Jupiter is the fifth planet out from the Sun - known as a “gas giant” - Jupiter is named after the king of the Roman gods, Zeus

- the star at the centre of our solar system - Eventually, the Sun will consume the Earth - Light from the Sun takes eight minutes to reach Earth


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