Solar System

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Solar System

In your groups revisit the simulation. Each student need to select the a particular planet from our Solar System. After the research one Student at a time will get up and teach the other students in your small group about your particular planet.Facts should include:- Name of the planet - Size in comparison to Earth- Distance from the Sun- Time to Orbit the Sun.- And any other facts you may find interesting.

My - MercuryVery - VenusEducated - EarthMother - MarsJust - Jupiter Served - SaturnUp - UranusNectaries - Neptune

. Did you know that Earth orbits (goes around) a star known as the Sun?In small groups discuss what you already know about the Solar System and what you want to know about the Solar System.Complete the attached KWL sheet as a group. The sheet is at the top left of the screen, where you see the paper clip.

Activity 1:Small Group Work

Activity 3:Teach your team.

Hey there...How much do you know about our Solar System?

Handy Tip:Plant Rhyme

Intersting Video about our Solar System.

Activity 2:Explore the Solar System

In your small groups explore the Solar System through this online simulation.When you are exploring the solar system take not of how far away each planet is from the sun. After you have explored the simulation revisit your KWL sheets with your groups and discuss what you knew and whats was fact.

If there is time finish off you KWL sheet.

Quick quiz: Is Pluto a planet? Discuss...


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