Solar System

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Solar System

Solar System

Saturn- Surrounded by 7 rings- Gas-giant planet with no solid surface- Has 53 known moons

Uranus- Ice giant planet- Rotates backward and on its side- Uranus has 27 moons

Neptune- Last planet-Ice gaint planet made of water, ammonia, and methane- Has 13 known moons

Mars- Rocky planet altered by volcanoes, impacts, crustal movement and atmospheric effects- Mars has two moons

Venus- About the same size as the Earth- Rocky planet with craters and volcanoes- Spins backwards

Mercury- Closest planet to the sun- Smallest planet in the solar system-Rocky planet with a solid, cratered surface

Facts about the Solar System


Asteroid Belt

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Jupiter- Largest planet- Gas-giant planet with no solid surface- Has 50 known moons- Great Red Spot storm

Earth- Only planet with a breathable atmosphere - 70% of the surface is covered in oceans- The Earth has one moon

Sound of Saturn'sRadioEmissions

Learn the Planet Names!

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