Solar System

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Planets & Astronomy

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Solar System

To Infinity and Beyond...

European Space Agency

Solar System

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Solar System

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Before the Gregorian calendar was adopted by the English, it was recorded that, Isaac Newton was born on Christmas, i.e 25th December 1642. It was the same year the scientist, Galileo Galilee died.Recent dates tell the birth date of Sir Isaac Newton as 4th of January 1643 and he died on 31st March 1727. He was a premature baby and it was not expected that he would survive.It was seen that, a majority of discoveries were made by Newton in his early to mid-twenties, but weren't published until many years later. In the year 1668, Newton invented his first reflective telescope, which was composed of a primary concave shaped mirror and a flat-diagonal shaped secondary mirrorThe books on Newton's laws of motion (Principia) and gravitation theory were published between 1686 and 1687.


Sir Isaac Newton

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2. The Earth Moves

1. The Planets Move


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