Solar System

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Solar System

MercuryMercury is the smallest planet in our Solar System, it is the closest planet to the Sun so its a very hot planet. Mercury is coverd with craters its because this planet has a week atmosphere.

VenusVenus is the second planet from the Sun, this planet is a very very hot planet it is hotter then Mercury, even though Mercury is closer to the Sun. this planet has very thick clouds, the atmosophere on venus is made of gas called carbon dioxcide, Venus has no moons.Venus is almost the same size as earth, This planets orbit is 225 days. Venus is a very bright and beautiful planet.

EarthEarth is the third planet from the sun and its the 5th largest planet. this planet has five diffrent layers the crust,mantel, outer core and the inner core. The Earth has a very thick atmosphere, it is the only planet with liquid water on its surface.It takes one year for Earth to travel around the sun.

MarsMars is the 4th planet from the sun, it is also the second smallest planet. this planet has the highest mountins called the Olympus mons. Mars has two moons Called the Phobos and Deimos. Four billion years ago Mars was warm enough for water to run in rivers over its surface.

JupiterJupiter is the fifth planet from the sun, this planet is one of the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter's orbit is 12 years.Jupiters has a rocky center the rest is hydrogen gas. this planet has about 50 moons. Jupiter spins very fast it spins 8 miles 13km per second which makes Jupiter a very stormy planet. Jupiter has a big red spot, it is a storm thats bigger then earth and its been raging for hundred of years.

Our Solar System

The SunOur Sun is a yellow dwarf star, it is in the center of our Solar System. the Sun is over 4 1/2 billion years old, in about five more billion years the Sun will explode. The Sun has diffrent layers, the core is in the center of the Sun.The Sun gives light and heat to our planet without out our Sun there wouldn't be light or life on Earth.

SaturnSaturn is the sixth planet from the sun, this planet has beautiful seven rings, its rings are made out of chunk of ice and rocks. Jupiter is the second largest planet in our solar system. It takes 30 earth years for Saturn to complete one orbit.Saturns atmosphere is mostly helium and hydrogen, this planet does not have a solid surface. Saturn has fiftyThree moons.

NeptuneNeptune is the eighth planet from the sun it is the fourth biggest planet in our Solar System. Neptune looks blue because of strong Mathane gas on its atmosphere. there is a large storm on Neptune thats almost the size of Earth.Neptune has 13 moons, Neptune's atmosphere is made up mostly of hydrogen, helium and methane.

UranusUranus is the seventh planet from the sun and its about the same size as Neptune. the atmosphere on Uranus is mostly hydrogen, helium and a little bit of methane. Uranus is a very cold and windy planet, its cold clouds are made out of hydrogen gas. Methane gas race around Uranus.A year on Uranus is 84 earth years.

PlutoPluto orbits around the sun once every 248 Earth years. Pluto is a very small planet its because it is a dwarf planet. A day on pluto is about 153 hours. Pluto has five Moons


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