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My Spinoff

What is a Spinoff ?

In my own words, a spinoff is an object that was either created by an accident, or was meant to be used for one reason, but used instead for a different purpose. A NASA Spinoff is an ivention meant to be used in space, but modified to be used in everyday life.One example of a spinoff is a water filter. When the astronauts were travelling to the moon, the water on the space craft was very dirty. So, NASA designed a water filter to clean water. Now, it is used all over the world. That is what I could call a NASA spinoff.

This is an image of how my spinoff will look like.

This spinoff, by NASA is a water filter. It was designed to be used on spacecrafts, where there is dirty water, but now it is used all over the world. It improves my life, because if that was not designed, we would have to drink dirty water. Tap water can contain a lot of germs. That is how this spinoff improves ny life.

This NASA Spinoff is something we use every single day. Can you guess what it is ? Of course, it is the sattelite television. This spinoff improves my life, because many people use it every single day to entertain themselves. This is far better than cabled T.V.s because this makes sure you don't have to deal with a tangle of wires. That is another NASA Spinoff.

Click here to know more about my new spinoff !!!

Further ImprovementSome improvements that I could possibly make with the model is that I could have a GPS system attached to it that would vibrate the shoe when there is traffic or a very bad road. Also, in the future, I believe there would be smaller solar panels. I might be able to attach the solar panel directly to the shoe, so it would be more stable, and you would not need to worry about it falling off.

My idea of a new spinoff is a shoe that runs on solar energy. I cxame up with this idea because I wanted to make a form of transportation that didn't use fossil fuels or any non-renewable resources. So, I ended up with a transportation that uses solar energy. Then I thought that I should make a transport that lets you breathe fresh air. The idea I ended up with was a shoe that runs on solar energy. I thought that if the shoe would run on solar energy, it would need a solar panel attached to it. Then, I figured out a way to put the solar panels on the shoes using solar stands.How does it work ???My spinoff works in a simple way. First, the solar panel absorbs the energy. After the energy is absorbed, it goes through a wire that leads to the Solar Energy Fuel Tank. After that is all full, the energy goes through a wire that powers motors. The motors are attached to the wheels, so when the motor spins, the wheels move.Also, there is a switch. It is located in the front part of the shoe. This means that when you press down, you close tthe switch, and the electricity flows. Then, you can start moving. If you lift you foot up from that position, the circuit will break and it will stop.

One NASA spinoff is long distance telecommunication. This spinoff really improves my life because without telecommunication, I wouldn't be able to communicate with my relatives in India, or with someone far away.


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