Solar Powered Cars

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Energy & Environment

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Solar Powered Cars

Solar Powered Cars

Design and Technology

Does solar power have an effect on the environment?Solar powered cars do have an impact on the earths environment. In the good sense the solar paneled car runs off the power generated by our extremely useful sun and therefore requires little to no energy to run after the initial build. This saves on fuel, the making of fuels which is not so environmentally friendly.

The idea of driving an automobile which produces zero harmful emissions, does not require expensive fuel, is quiet and very low maintenance, has certainly been around, but has been more of a fantasy. Solar pwered cars are very sustainable. Meaning they run on natural resources, and have a great Ecological footprint.

The cost of materials must be reduced and more research is needed to improve the performance of solar cells and batteries. By promoting research and educating people on zero emission vehicles, soon, we will be driving this fantasy car.

No matter how much of the sun's energy we use, the sun will continue to shine just as much as it did before!Solar energy is renewable because, the sun's rays will never run out. That makes it renewable. Renewable energy sources will never run out and we will have a constant supply of them. And with renewable energy sources, we are not hurting the environment as much as when we use fossil fuels.

One of the problems faced when dealing with solar powered cars is that they need to be extremely lightweight in order to be able to move.

VocabularySolar--Referring to the Sun.Solar Collector--An object that gathers the Sun's energy.Fossil Fuels--Coal, oil and natural gas. Substances that have been formed by the decay of the remains of ancient plants and animals - in a sense they are a form of "buried sunshine."Solar Panel--A device that captures the Sun's energy so it can be used for heating and other purposes.



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