Solar ovens

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Solar ovens



Final Catapult

Solar Ovens-Uses energy of direct sun rays to heat or cook food or drinks.-Used to reduce fuel costs and air pollution. -Many types of solar ovens exist.

How do Solar Ovens Work-A reflective mirror concentrates heat and light from the sun.-A black surface on the inside improves turning light into heat.-A glass isolates the heat in the inside of the cook. -This creates a greenhouse effect.

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Solar Ovens and Components of Parabolas

Components of Parabolas-Focus: Fixed point in the interior of the parabola. -Latus Rectum: Horizontal chord that passes through focus. -Vertex: Point in the axis of symmetry and on the parabola. -Directrix: Perpendicular line to axis of symmetry. -Axis of Symmetry: Vertical line that passes through the vertex.


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