Solar Energy

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Solar Energy

Past UsesIn the past, we didn't have that much technology. Solar energy was just used for plants, homes and people.

Solar Energy DefinitionSolar energy is an energy of radiation mostly emitted by the sun

Is It Renewable?Yes because the sun is up every day to give solar panels sun light.

Solar Energy

How it is Stored?Solar energy is stored by solar panels by capturing the sunlight.

Present UsesRight now, we use it for traffic lights, satellites, electronics, households, and more.

How it is Transformed into usuable energy.Thermal panels convert it to hot water and solar panels convert it to electricity.

Possible Future UsesScientists are trying to develop more efficient, smaller, less costly, and more powerful solar cells.

Is It Sustainable Yes because the sun has existed for 4.567 billion years ago.

Interestingg Facts 9 of the 14 solar electric generating systems (SEGS) are in deserts in California Feeling the Future Solar Power By: Clay Farris The True Book Solar Power By: Christine

Interesting FactSince 1960, solar cells have become the power source of most satellites.


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