Solar Energy

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Energy & Environment

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Solar Energy

Solar Energy is energy that comes from the radiating light and heat from the sun. There are silicon cells within each solar panel which react with photons to create electricity. This electricity is direct current, but an inverter converts it into alternating current so we can use it in homes and schools.

Cons- Solar cells require materials that are rare in nature- It requires spaace to have a higher power density so more power can be generated. It has the highest over all other renewable resources, but not over coal and nuclear energy.

Pros- It is unlimited- It does not produce harmful gases

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the cheapest forms of energy that we can harness, so the cost is much cheaper than building a coal fired power plant. Also, energy that you are not using from the solar panels will go toward others to save money as a population. This method generates substantial electricity and is a great replacement for the current method.


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