Solar Energy!

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Energy & Environment

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Solar Energy!

Photons and Sunlight

The good side of solar energy is that it does not create pollution and that it is an almost limtiless resource.The bad side of it is that it is expensive to use for large scale energy production and it only works in sunny areas.

Pros and Cons

Solar energy is produced from sunlight.The energy can be absorbed into machines called solar panels.

Solar Heaters

Sunlight is made up of many photons or particles of solar energy.When the photons hit the solar cell many thing go on.Some photons goes through the solar panel or solar cell and does not create electricity,some bounces off the cell,and some gets absorbed

Solar Panels

Solar panels are large panels made up of many solar cells wired together.They produce energy from sunlight.When enough photons get absorbed to the panel,the photons create electrons which create negative charges.The negative charges create an imbalance between the front and back of the panel.When the front and back of the panel are connected with an outside piece,electricity flows.

Solar Energy!By:Joseph

Solar Power

Solar power just only produce electricity!It can generate heat for your homes!We can also use solar energy to heat our homes by using solar heaters.In homes or buildings there are water pumps that pump water.Then the water goes through a pipe and passes a check valve that allows water come through the front end and closes automatically to stop the water from coming back from the other end.Then the water passes a ball valve which is like a check valve but has to close manually If you do not want water coming through.Then the water goes up to the solar panel which heats up the water and goes to another pipe which leads to a service tank.The service tank keeps the water and keep the water being warm.Then it flows to the appliances which need water.

Measuring Electricity

Electricity can me measured by watts.A kilowatt (KW) is 1000 watts. A megawatt (MW) is one million watts or 1000 KWs.A gigawatt (GW) is one billion watts or 1000 MWs


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