Solar energy

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Energy & Environment

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Solar energy

Non-polluting source, renewable resource, and does not create sound

Buying solar panels is great way to lower electicity rates and great for the enviorment. By 2020 the cost will be 10 cents per kilowatt hour.

Solar Energy

Where is it found or used the most.?Most of the Solar Power is used in California, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona.

How does it make energy.?Cells convert sunlight into electricity, using the Energy of speeding photons to create an electrical current within a Solar panel.

Advantages of using this source.

What are the economics.?

Its expensive, not always reliable, and not good during storms.

Disasdvantages of using this source.

Solar panels take up lots of land, destroy habitats and are some what expensive. .

Enviorment Impact

Future/OutlookRenewable sources ios running out so they are looking at solar energy and it's clean and many people are starrting to use it. it's clean and very useful.


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