Solar Energy

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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy?

How is Solar Energy Created?

What is next for solar energy? Part of the reason why solar panels are so expensive is because of the materials used to create them. Solar panels are made of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells which are quite pricey. Scientists are now researching alternatives to these cells that will lower the price of solar panels so that they are more affordable and more widely used. It is planned that solar panels will be integrated into our power grids and used on a higher scale, in the future. Solar energy and other forms of renewable energies are the future of electricity and the future of our life.

According to the free dictionary, solar energy is “ The radiant energy emitted by the Sun.” Solar energy is created using the sun’s rays. Solar energy is a renewable source because there will always be a sun to get energy from. It does not emit any greenhouse gases and pollutants that will harm the environment, as well which makes it a great energy source. Every fifteen minutes, the sun gives off enough energy to power the Earth for a whole year. Solar energy is free (except for the panels) because sunlight does not cost any money. Although the upfront cost of installing solar panels may be expensive, it is worth it because it will save money on your electricity bill.

To create solar energy, you need photovoltaic cells also known as solar panels. The solar panels collects the suns rays to create electricity. In the solar panel, there are two layers and what happens is when the sun’s rays meet the solar panel(s), the sun ray’s atom’s (photons) electrons are separated from its protons. The electrons are then sent to the lower layer in the solar panel and the protons are in the top layer. This solar panel now has a positive and negative terminal because the top layer is filled with electrons that give it a negative charge while the bottom terminal has a positive charge because of the protons. It is a cell and can create an electric current. The electric current then goes into a charge controller to convert it into electricity we can use. That electricity will be transferred into an inverter for AC Power or a battery power for DC power.

The Future isBright

House with solar panels on roof.

This is a solar power plant where solar power is harnessed on a large scale to create enough energy for a large number of users.

-Solar energy is renewable, therefore we can replace it in our lifetime-Solar energy can save you 50-90% on your electricity bill-It is eco-friendly-The sun will provide you with more than enough energy

Why You ShouldGo Solar

Infographic of solar energy.

In the animation below, it shows the electrons and protons in circuit, creating electricity.


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