Solar Energy

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Solar Energy


Here are some videos explaining the process:

The Process:

Solar needs a lot of open space, so the sun can actually hit the solar panels. Solar power is converted to electricity using the “Grid Connected System” known as solar panels. Solar panels are devices that capture light energy. The solar panels are made from silicon. Silicon is a semiconductor which causes electrons to flow, thus making electricity. When the light gets absorbed into the silicon, the electrons start to move. Practically, when the electrons move freely we get current electricity. Solar panels make direct current which has to be converted to alternating current. It is converted with a power inverter. Grid connected systems are used in homes, public facilities and commercial facilities. All in all, the sun’s light hits the solar panels and then the solar panels convert it into current electricity. (Using the method above)

Definition of the Source:

Solar energy converts light energy from the sun into electricity that can power anything that needs current electricity. In addition, the sun also keeps you warm. (Heat energy)

I believe solar power should be used in the future. It is a renewable source, so we are able to use it as much as we want. (When the sun is still in the sky)It doesn’t cause pollution meaning it is environmentally friendly. The main reason why solar power should be used in the future is because you would save a lot of money on your electricity bill. The one reason people don’t use solar panels is because the solar panels cost a lot of money, but if more people were to buy it, the price will become cheaper. Solar is helping everyone with its heat and light energy and it doesn’t cost you a penny! This will make everyone happy. Solar helps plants and other living things so, it is capable of generating electricity for humans. I believe in the future every human should be using solar panels. All in all, solar energy should be continued in the future.

My Opinion:

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