Solar Energy 2

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Solar Energy 2

A Closer Look...

Pathways:Solar cells, generally made of silicon, produce energy when a photon of light hits the front of a panel and knocks an electron loose from the semiconductor. These electrons then run through a circuit (powering any machinery/appliance at the time) and return to a negatively charged side, thereby completing the flow of electricity. Within that circuit, the current runs through an inverter, which conditions the power by converting the Direct Current to Alternating Current. The flow of energy is then passed into the meter, which sends excess energy to the utility company via power lines. Energy will be returned through the same means directly to the meter from the utility company when it is no longer peak hours. This energy then powers the house and returns to the panel to complete the aforementioned circuitSolar: Nuclear- Thermal/Light- ElectricalFossil Fuels: Chemical- Thermal- Kinetic- ElectricalThrough solar power, the thermal energy comes directly from the sun rather than through the burning of fuels

Fossil Fuels- Traditional

Solar Power- The Change

Statistics Show...

Not only has the usage of solar power and PV cells in the US increased over the last few years, but the cost of solar technology has steadily decrased, as evidenced by the graph of the right.