Solar Energy 1E3 Science Project

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Solar Energy 1E3 Science Project

Science Mr Ng Choon Cheng

Solar Energy

Name: Lily Quisumbing Date: 13-03-2014

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Lily Quisumbing(6) 1E3

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Why Don't We Use It Constantly?

Benefits Of Solar Energy:

Sunlight (and all light) contains energy. When it hits a certain material that contains solar cells,(silicon,copper-indium-gallium-selenide, etc.) sunlight is transferred into an electrical current which can be used for electrical appliances(lights, water heater, etc.) in your house.

Solar energy does not pollute the earth so, why not use it all the time? The reason is because solar energy is much more expensive than using electricity made from fossil fuels.

-Solar Energy does not use fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas). Fossil fuels pollute the earth in many ways.-After purchasing solar panels, the electricity you get from solar energy is free! The solar energy you get for your house may not be enough but will definitely help your electricity bill go down. :-)

Solar Energy Definition:-radiant energy emitted by the sun-another term for solar power




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