Sojourner Truth

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Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth was originally named Isabella Baumfree and was sold from her master at around age 10. When Sojourner fled her master in 1826 she was probably around 30 years old. She was a very kind person and she helped relocate and find homes for slaves after and during the "war between the states" which was a nickname for the Civil War. She knew many famous people and later worked for women's rights.


1797? - Born1826 - Fled master1853 - Speech at Mob Convention1864 - met Abe Lincoln1867 - Speech at American Equal Rights Association1883 - Died

Sojourner Truth had a lot of accomplishments in her life. She met many famous people including President Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass who was a companion and friend of hers. She also gave many famous speeches including her "Ain't I A Woman" speech.

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Fredrick Douglas was her friend

Sojourner Truthby Yumi

Sojourner Truth made a lasting impact on the world because she fought for women's rights and fought against slavery. She had some very productive speeches and helped relocate and find homes for slaves.


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