Sojourner Truth

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African-American History

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Sojourner Truth

Life of Sojourner

Sojourner was born 1797. She was one of 10 or 12 brother and sisters. She grew up speaking only Dutch. Sojourner never attended school and wasn't taught to read or write. Sojourner's parents were captured from what is know known as Ghana. Her mother was daughter of enslaved African's from the coast of Ginuea. When Sojourner was 9 she was sold at an auction with a flock of sheep to a man named John Neely. Neely beat Sojourner brutally daily. Neely later sold her to Martinus Schryver. Then she was sold to John Dunmont. Later sojourner met another slave by the name Robert and fell in love. Their love was frobidden by their owners. Sojourner eventually married another slave named Thomas. Sojourner and Thomas bore five children.


Her Impact..

Her Timeline...

"Ain't I a Women?"

Sojourner Truth

~Was the first black female to win a court case over a white male.~Through a court victory she made transportation companies change their policies.~Gave famouse speech on the women's right movement called, "Ain't I a women?".~Helped recruit black troops during the Civil war.~Sojourner sucsessfuly escaped slavery one year before the abolition ~Got permission from Lincoln to become a councelor at Freedmens villiage.

Sojourner impacted the nation due to her boldness. She changed the way women were seen by the world. Her powerful speeches eduacated many and changed the mindset of men. She didn't just impact the women's right movement but she also had a big role in the abolitionist movement. Fighting for the rights of African Americans, she recruited many black man into the civil war.


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1797 ~ Sojourner Truth was born as Isabella Baumfree1806 ~ Sojourner was sold to be a slave1826 ~ Sojourner escaped her slave owner1830 ~ Sojourner moved to New York1843 ~ Sojourner changed her name from isabella to Sojourner1851 ~ Sojourner gives her speach "Ain't I a women?"1870 ~ Sojourner recruit black males to the Civil War1883 ~ Sojourner passes away in Michigan


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