Soil Procedures

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Soil Procedures

Testing Procedures of

EcologistEcologists tested the soil by identifying the different plants and animals that live there. This is the best indicator of soil quality becasue it shows what is able to survive in the soil.

Physical GeographersThe geographers found the soil texture and the soil color of the area where we tested. To find the soil, they took a handful of soil and compared it to a Munsell Color Key, where they found it to be in the category between 1-16. Then, based on the color, we decided if the soil had good, bad or medium aeration, and based on that we learned if the soil had a low, medium, or high orgaic matter count. To get the soil texture we followed a flow chart (Dichotomous Key) and based on our decisions it lead us to sandy loam twice. Snady loam is around 80% sand and 20% clay.

ChemistThe chemist took the temperature of the soil when they were in the forest. Once they were done, chemist then tried to find the soil quality by testing for the pH, phosphates, nitrates, and potassium. These were all tested by taking a soil sample, putting it in a little baggy, adding distilled water, and placing a few tablets for each test in it. Then, the color of the mixture was compared to a chart to give the precise data.

Testing For pH


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