Soil Composition

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Soil Composition

Soil CompositionBy: Zoe and Alexis

Soil TypeThere are 4 types of soil Clay, Loam, Sand, and Silt. Each one with its own properties.

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Other Intresting FactsSoil is amde up of different thigs such as rocks and minerals. Soil is not just dirt.

Influenced byClimate, slope of land,types of vegitation, and length of time.

Soil is a Mixture of:The rock sedimant makes up the main pert of the soil. Loam:the most productive.Clay: <.002 mmSilt:.002mm-.05mmSand:.05mm-2mm

Formation of SoilSoil is formed from animal waste and rotting plants and also when samd and other rock sediments combined.

Properties of SoilBottom land soils are usally dark and thick. Clay soils form on rocks and on slopes.Soil is also a proproty delvloped bacause most materials are on the bottom of the slope.


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