Soil: Biotic factors

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Soil: Biotic factors

Biotic Factors of an ecosystem are the living species. One biotic factor is whether or not we have living, ground dwelling plants. On both testing dates we had lots of them. For example, we identified Sugar Maple, American Horn Beam, Red Maple, Northern Red Oak, Black Oak, White Oak, Eastern White Pine, Skunk Cabbage, Moss, Servise Berry, Whitch Hazel, River Birch, Post Oak, Fern, Balsam Poplar, Live Oak, Peachleaf Willow, Overcup Oak, Alder, and Paper Birch. Another biotic factor of soil is if most of the ground material was dead, which we didn't have on the first or second testing day. In addition, we looked to see if the soil is exposed or covered by ground material. The soil, on both days, was covered. Additionally, we counted the amount of trees rooted in the area. On our first testing date we tested near an area with at least three trees rooted in the area. On the second, there was only one. Furthermore, we checked if there were any fallen trees nearby. We had them for both testing dates. Lastly, the ground material could also be dense with life or not. On each testing date it was.

Soil: Biotic Factors

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