Soil and Earth

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Earth Sciences

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Soil and Earth

By examining the evidence such as simliar types of rock, vegetation, and animal inhibitants, scientistshave concluded that the Earth’s continents were once all connected to form a“supercontinent” called Pangaea that was surrounded by an enormous ocean.

The earth is formed of four layers. Each layer is hotter depending on how close it is to the core of the earth.

Soil and Earth

Soil is a composition of rocks (45%), air (25%), water (25%), and organic materials (5%).

Soil has three main textures: 1. Sand (largest)2. Silt (medium)3. Clay (smallest)

The soil texture triangle is used to determine what percent of each soil type a particular soil sample is.

Soil Profile:O- organic matter towards the surfaceA- natural mixing of organic material and minerals B- the aluminum, iron, clay, and organic material precipitate outC- the original parent materials

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Types of Plate Movement:1. Divergent Plate Movement2. Convergent Plate Movement3. Lateral Plate Movement

The earth is covered by oceanic and continental plates. Oceanic Crust is thinner and denser than continental crust.


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