Soil abiotic

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Environmental Studies

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Soil abiotic

1. Litter- Empty water bottle, plastic bag, broken glass, and snack wrapper were all the litter found in the soil. These could all effect the soil because they never desinigrate.2. Acid rain- acid rain comes from emissions from the car, trains, ext. As well as smoke from cigarettes. Once it is in the air, and it rains, the rain takes grasp of it, and pulls it down to the ground with it.

This page is about the non-living things that we found in the soil,that we collected data from, that could have effected our data.

Soil Abiotic

3. Houses at top of hill- this could effect the soil from the maintenance of the homes, such as using fertilizer in the backyard, or using pestisides. As well as, dumping leaves out of the yard and into the forest, and composting food. Once it rains, all of this will fall down into the forest's soil, considering the steepness of the hill. The rain will just slide down the hill, with all the pestisides, compost, fertilizer, ext.

4. Composition- the texture of the soil can effect the data we collected. If the soil is more sand-like, then the rain water will fall through it very fast, not letting the roots grab onto the water, neglecting them to the water. However, if the soil is more clay-like then the water will just sit on top of it, not able to access the roots in the first.


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