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Software Packages

Microsoft Office is an office suite notable for Word, Excel and Powerpoint. However it also contains servers and other sevices. It was first announced by Bill Gates in 1988 and by 2012 it was reported to have over 1 billion users. It is available as a desktop version for Windows and Mac OSX but there are also several touch optimised verions for tablet and even mobile phones.

Software Packages

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Microsoft Office Suite

Office promotional video

Apple Filemaker

Filemaker is a relational database application developed by Filemaker Inc., a company of Apple. A relational database is a digital database which is organised into tables of rows and columns. Filemaker itself is more difficult to explain because the programs that come with it aren't made to do a specific thing. Overall one could say that companies can use Filemaker as a solution to problems. For example one could use Filemaker to create a attendance list in an office or use it as an encrypted messaging system for classified information.

Metaphorical example of arelational database

Simple Filemaker explanation

Adobe Creative Suite

The Adobe Creative Suite or CS is a software suite made by Adobe Systems. It was first relased in 2003 and is availabe on Windows and Mac OSX. The suite consists of graphic design, video editing and web development applications. The main programs available in the suite are Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, InDesign and Adobe Acrobat (pdf creator and viewer). However the newer versions of the suite contain over 15 different programs which cover a very wide range of creative concepts. In 2013, Adobe discontinued sales of the individual suites and instead moved all of their programs to a subscription-based system called Adobe Create Cloud.

Creative Cloud logo

Core Creative Suite programs

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