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There are a lot of differences between softball and baseball, but they have a lot in common to. To begin, they both have nine players on the field each inning. The bats weight ranges from 18-37 ounces for both softball and baseball. Both softball and baseball require uniforms in games. On the other hand, in softball the ball is bigger with a 12 inch circumference. Softballs are yellow with red stitches. In contrast, baseballs are smalller and more dense. Baseballs are white with reds stitches and have a 9 inch circumference. To continue, softball pitchers pitch underhand and baseball players pitch over hand. The pitching distance for baseball is 60 ft, while softballs pitching distance is 35-35ft. On the contrary, softball bats exceed up to 34 inchs, and baseball bats exeed up to 42 inchs. Likewise, both softball and baseball players can use aluminum bats but baseball players have the option of using wood bats. To resume, softball has 7 innings and baseball has 9 innings. Both play extra innings to break a tie, but in softball, at the start of every extra inning there is a runner on second. The homerun field distances for baseball fo up to 400 ft. While softball fields go no farther than 220 ft. Finally, softball fields don't have grass on the infield but baseball fields do, why? Nobody knows, I guess its just a way to tell them apart from eachother. Anyway, those are the similarities and differences between softball and basball.

What does a softball jersey look like?

Softball vs baseball

If you don't know what the Sun Prairie Little League Softball jersey looks like, then your about to find out. To begin, on the front of the jersey it has the words "Sun Prairie Softball" in all caps and the font is either black or white. The words are put into a circle shaped like a softball. The circle is in the middle of the shirt. Also, the jersey is a v-neck tee shirt. To continue, on the back of the jersey has your team and number on it in either black or white font and in all caps. The team name is is on the upper back/shoulders. The number is under the team name in a bigger font so its visible from 15ft away. Finally, the whole jersey will be the color that your team sponsor chooses. Now you know what the Sun Prairie Little League Softball jersey looks like.

How to softball pitch

This is how you softball pitch. To start with, if you are right handed, hold the ball in you right hand with index, middle, ring, and little fingers on the straight seam with thumb supporting it on the other side. To resume, place right foot on the front edge of the mound and place left foot on the front edge of the mound. Then, shift your weight onto your left foot while bringing the ball and glove towards your face. Next, extend right arm up by your chest while placing weight on right foot/leg. Finally, kick your left foot and push off the rubber mound with you right foot, taking a big step and dragging your foot, making a X with your body and snapping the ball and releasing it. That is how you softball pitch.

How do you get out in softball?

There are a lot of ways to get out in softball, but I'm only gonna tell you three ways you can get out. So, you've been called out, but why? We'll find out. One way you can be called out is you can get a strikeout. A strikeout is when the pitcher throws a strike and you either don't swing or you swing and miss. Another way is when you hit the ball and someone catches it before it touches the ground, therefore if the ball doesn't touch the ground, you're out. As a result, the last way to get out is if the first basemen catches the ball and touches the base before the runner gets there. The runner has to get to the base before the ball does in order to be safe. So hey, now you can figure out how you got out with those three ways, better luck next time!


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