[2015] Carley Martinez (Outen 4th block): Sofonisba Anguissola

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[2015] Carley Martinez (Outen 4th block): Sofonisba Anguissola

The Beginning

Sofonisba Anguissola

Carley Martinez

Portrait of a Nun

The Chess Game

Sofonisba Angussiola was a well respected Italian painter. Here you'll learn the stepping stones in her career and how she was able to be remembered throught out history. The help she received and what drove her to become a painter.


Sofonibsa Anguissola was born 1532 in Cermona, Italy. Her father Amlicare Anguissola was a Renaissance man. Which is why Anguissola and her sisters received a Huamnist education. Anguisslola stuided painting from local artist and later became the appretince of Bernardo Campi for four year until he moved to Spain.

Anguissola's was encourged by the famous Michelangelo. Her father sent Michelangelo a letter asking him to guide his daughter. Michelangelo later saw a painting of Anguissola in which a smiling young girl is teaching her nurse to read. He later sent her a letter saying that a boy crying would be much harder to draw, he was test Anguissola art skills. She later sent him a drawing of her brother crying after being bitten by a catfish.

Help from the Great Michelangelo

Many of Anguoissola's paintings were to show that females were intellegent, importance and the male domaince in a women's life and goverment. For exampleThe Chess Game was to show off female's excellence at an intellectual game.

Death of Anguissola

Father's Support

Reason's Behind the Art

Potriat of Isabella of Savoy

Potrait of Felipe IIof Spain

Anguissola's father Amilcare was a big supporter of her work. He encourged her to paint and to also teach her sisters. He would send some of her self portaits to Pope Julius II and the Este Court in Ferrara to help her become world known.

Potrait of Isabel of Valois

Anguissola was a court painter in Mildread, Spain (1559-1573). She was also a lady-in-waiting to Queen Isabel of Valios who she taught to paint. Anguissola was forced into an arranged marriage with Fabrizo de Monchada in 1571 he later died in 1579. Anguissola married again this time to a captin named Orazio Lomellio. Anguissola's eye sight started to failwhich is why she was unable to paint in her last few years. A year before her death an artist by the name Anthony Van Dyck visrted her, he skectched her portrait. She later died on July 12,1625 in Palermo, Italy.


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