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Sofia Kovalevskaya

Stockholm University

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University of Göttingen

Contributions: - Analysis, differential equations and mechanics. - Theorized unsymmetrical body where the center of its mass is not on an axis in the body.

Education Background: - Forced to marry so she could go abroad. Russian universities in the 19th century were closed to women. Women in Russia could not live apart from their families without the written permission of their father or husband. - Wanted to be a professor, but again, women were restricted. She was able to provide free lectures. But in 1889 she was appointed Professor Ordinarius (Professorial Chair holder) at Stockholm University. Also granted a Chair in the Russian Academy of Sciences. - Earned her doctorate in mathematics summa cum laud.

Sofia Kovalevskaya

Personal History: - Fictious marriage to Vladimir Kovalevsky, a paleontologist, who was later recognized for working with Charles Darwin. - Parents nurtured her interest in mathematics and hired a tutor (A. N. Strannoliubskii, a well-known advocate of higher education for women), who taught her calculus. During that same period, the son of the local priest introduced her to nihilism**

I am the first major Russian female mathematician

January 15, 1850 - February 10, 1891

**which argues that life is without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value.

Timeline/Events: - Between 1850 to 1900, Russia's population doubled. - Crimean War/Eastern War of 1853–1856. - 1863, Mar. - Russia divides Poland into provinces.


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